Sell Access to Any Google Sheets

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Sell Your Spreadsheets

You keep all your knowledge in Spreadsheets. Let that Knowledge loose.Monetize checklists, templates, research, datasets -- Anything you can fit in a Google Sheet, a Google Doc, a Google Slide, or even any Google Drive Folder.

Sheets As A Service

And you can do this all on a monthly basis. Include updates and add-ons consistently to sell more each month.

Add SHeets To Your Service

Coaches / Consultants / Agencies, you probably have tons of sheets you use to run your workshops, seminars, webinars, and services.Offer these immediately to buyers of your services, or sell them separately. They're already in your google drive, let them loose.Encourage action by selling checklists, playbooks, planners, workbooks directly from your Google Sheets.Sell packages and bundles by selling access to a Google Drive Folder.

Paywall Your Sheets with OnlySheets

Why this, Why Now?

Go ahead, try to sell access to a google sheet now.You need to make it accessible to the WHOLE INTERNET.The link can be shared with ANYONE.OnlySheets directly adds the buyer as a viewer of the sheet. While keeping your sheet protected.

Sell Any Level of Access

Your Sheet, Your Choice.Keep control of your sheet while you sell your sheet.Sell access to Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets.If you've wanted to package a few things together, sell access to a whole Google Drive Folder.

Simple Set Up

- Create a product on Gumroad
- Deploy OnlySheets as a web app to accept Gumroad Ping.
- OnlySheets automatically adds each buyer as a viewer.
- OnlySheets keeps a log of buyers. No need to search through Gumroad finding individuals again.
- Helpful if you want to add more automation via Zapier/Pabbly/Make.

mo money, no code

If you're already selling sheets on Gumroad, You're less than 20 minutes from being done.OnlySheets script is already coded for you.All you have to do is copy the sheet, deploy the web app and paste the url into Gumroad Ping.That's it.


Pay for the google script code and How-To-Use Videos.Use with an unlimited amount of sheets.

OnlySheets powers OnlySheets

Not Happy?Let me know within 30 days, I'll refund ya.And if you're seeking to sell sheets with Shopify/Stripe/Etsy or anything else. please reach out


Check your email for a welcome message and link to the google sheet.

Watch this 30 second video while you wait.